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Baska, "I saw heaven standing open and before me was a white horse." Revelation 19:11
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The Foal

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The Foal
By Linda Presley
Chapter One

Jeff and Angie looked at each other, both wondering what to call the new foal. I think it should be a name that reflects strength, said Jeff.Oh, that's a good idea, said Angie, as she reached over to stroke the foal's head in hopes to comfort him. They had no idea how long the foal had been out by itself. It was obviously frightened and distressed when they came upon it. A number of very long nights had crowded into their lives since they brought the foal home for care.
Wow, who would leave such an adorable foal alone? thought Angie. What name would fit you precious foal? she said out loud. Jeff didn't hear her. He was busy with the other animals. It was feeding time and each animal was speaking in his or her own voice,Feed me. Of course, what he heard was crowing, snorting, barking, meowing, mooing, oinking, cuuing, peeping, whinnying, and cackling. That was always the caste at feeding time.
What do you think, Jeff? Angie said loudly, trying her best to speak over the commotion. What name would fit this precious foal? Although, Jeff had his hands full, he stopped and said,Angie, I'm not sure. Why don't we sleep on it? Come on, now, he pleaded, help me feed before all these critters tumble me over. Angie looked up to see Jeff's arms stretched over his head, hay falling all over him, and Patches the goat nibbling at his shirt tail grabbing up the bits of sweet alfalfa that clung to the sides of his flannel shirt. What a sight! Trying not to laugh too loud, Angie rushed over to help. OK, ok, I'm coming; hold your horses; I mean your hay, she laughed.

Chapter Two

You would have thought the foal was going to need to sprout wings to keep from crashing to the ground. Watching him leap into the air, eyes wide open, nostrils flaring, ears jetting forward as though pointing the path to heaven, no horse could jump as high, thought Angie. It was such a treat for her to watch. The foals every muscle was growing stronger each day. Talents were emerging as if being called forward from some invisible force.
Angie, you may want to back off a bit on that formula you concocted. I can't build the fences any higher,” joked Jeff. Oh, I so love watching this foal jump. Nothing seems to be too tall for him to fly over, remarked Angie.Once the ground touches those tiny feet, you'd never know they ever left, the landing is so light, she boasted. Without taking a breath, she added,And have you seen those quick, sharp turns?Why they are marvelous, she sighed in admiration of the foals ability . How could anyone just leave such a magnificent creature, she just couldn't imagine.
I don't know, Sweetheart, said Jeff.Sweetheart& was just one of the many pet names Jeff had for his wife. Say, did you pick up those posters from the print store, he gently asked as he kicked the dirt with the heel of his boot.He knew that it was something his wife really did not like to speak about that is the possibility that someone would step forward and claim the foal.
Angie choked back the tears and softly in a sad voice, said,Yes. In her heart she hoped that no one would respond to the posters. She had even been tempted to put the wrong phone number. That thought quickly fled her mind as she thought of how dishonest that would be. Along with the lie she would have to create to her husband, she felt that it was truly not an option.
Look, Angie, Jeff said, turning her face gently towards his, We can’t keep what isn'T ours. We have to make sure that no one has a claim on this foal Jeff understood his wifes hope. The foal was obviously thriving from Angie's loving care. They couldn't imagine anyone abandoning such a special animal. And, in their loving care, the foal had indeed been saved. But saved for what? Only to be returned to the very people that had left him alone to survive or worse not to survive.
Large, free-roaming herds peppered the mountainous region where they called home. But, as long as they had lived in the area, they had never seen a horse as nice as this foal. It was built upon sturdy bones, a strong back and solid feet gave it a foundation unlike any of the horses they had seen, and large

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